Window Frames

Fire Tree

The window is becoming a central motif, along with the frame, for my work at the moment.

Aside from the many forms of symbolism associated with  images inside containment elements, there is a practical function. It allows layers to be built up in a new way for me. Once something is in a frame, even if that frame is really jst a two dimensional graphic element, there is a three dimensional shift in the image. Much like the old style layering of cells in animation but without the trick of motion.

Farm Gate

One Sunny Bunny at the edge.



One Sunny Bunny visits the edge of the world. A bit of a combo of some character design refining and concept design around the general look I want the images in the book to have. I will probably go a bit more to the abstract or geometric side of things as I think about the form the pages of a book might take.

Source: One Sunny Bunny at the edge.